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Customized Surveillance & Tactical Gear
Office: 801-265-7981

GraviCam - Tactical Pole Camera System

The SVCI Tactical GraviCam Tactical Self Leveling Pole Camera System is a specialized tool that utilizes gravity to keep the camera image in an upright orientation as the tool is manipulated in use.  


Spec Sheet 

Standard Features:

-Extend-A-Pole adjusts from 40" to 66" in length
-High resolution self leveling color day / night camera - maintains an upright image orientation as you manipulate the pole assembly

-Sees in complete darkness up to 65' away with built in IR LED array

-Portable soft side 7" monitor kit with neck strap

-Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery with operational run time up to 3 hours

-Battery charger / power supply unit with 15' long cord - can continuously power system indefinitely & charge battery at the same time

-External 12vdc power inlet - for use with optional external 12vdc battery systems

Optional Accessories / Upgrades:

  • -Tripod & clamp assembly - for use in statically deploying the GraviCam system vertically at a point of interest 
    -WIFI wireless system - allows for WIFI connectivity via smart phone, tablet, or computer within about a 200' radius

    -100' Extension cable spool - allows for putting distance between GraviCam pole assembly and portable monitor kit

  • -9' to 17' long commercial space clearing pole assembly - GraviCam camera head can be attached to optional pole

  • -External battery kits - allows for extended run time of system on deployment via external battery power